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  • …And Then There Were Three [Disquiet0132 – Posthumousnofitrio]

    I’ve been itching to get back into making guitar tracks since I recently picked up a new Les Paul (which ironically didn’t make it onto this track as I haven’t properly intonated…

  • A Local Tertiary Appointment [disquiet0130-filteredmelody]

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to play with Supercollider for a few weeks now, and this challenge seemed like a perfect opportunity. Using a familiar melody from the Spielberg film “Close…

  • disquiet0127-libraryshhh

      Source recorded June 6th, 2014 at 5:49pm EST at the Akron Public Library Main Branch front desk, using an iPhone 4S placed in a discreet location nearby. More on this 127th…

  • A Flat Circle

    Prototyping some new textures. All guitar tracks done on my trusty Epiphone Riviera, run through an amoral amount of delay. [soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”][/soundcloud]

  • Prelude for Lute in D Minor – Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

    Having a little fun with an old Yamaha nylon string. WARNING: You will have to turn up your volume a bit, as this track features DYNAMIC RANGE. Hard limiting is for jerks.…

  • Meadows (In Time)

    Guitar, vocals, and a nifty nylon string solo. No limiters were used in the making of this recording. What if they threw a loudness war and nobody came? [soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”][/soundcloud]  

  • Five Tons of Flax

    A non-contemplation on the nature of existence; or, pining for the fnords. [soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”][/soundcloud]  

  • Brews & Funk

    [soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”][/soundcloud] Backing track I recorded for an upcoming project, soon to be revealed!  

  • Nova

    [soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”][/soundcloud] A mopey, bleepy-bloopy, timey-wimey Valentine’s Day present.  

  • Let the Rain Sing You a Lullaby

    [soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”][/soundcloud] Piece written for a short baby film shot for a friend by Carissa. Played on a Fender Telecaster capo’ed at the 12th fret into a Line 6 model of a…